Style of Play

Shadows of Dis
Venue Style Sheet

Ratings Description:

1 Never present
2 Sometimes present
3 Often present
4 Usually present
5 Always present

Action (Combat and challenges): 2
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
Darkness (PC death or corruption): 4
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 3
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 3
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 5
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): 3


From it’s earliest nights Sacramento was under the control of the Invictus, The elder covenant ruling the state from its capital. All this was to change during the first year of the Vietnam war. As the Nations youth marched to war so to did the Kindred of California and in a number of short but brutal attacks the united Carthians drove out the old guard of the Invictus. The Domains of the State agreed to rule themselves seperate from each other but to form a web of support that they might keep the elders they so hated from returning to the Carthian Free State of California.

Half a Century later the Carthian state has become stagnant and used. those who fought for freedom now suppress it and the values and ideals upon which the domain was founded have become tarnished with age.

It is time for change, but only the blood soaked nights to come will tell if the Kindred of Sacramento will survive.


The promises made to acheive power and the repercussions when those promises are broken.

the tension of duplicity

Character Creation guidlines:
character creation should be completed from the red minds eye theater:Requiem book and the blue minds eye theater book. excell character sheets with complete xp logs will be required during this game. contact your storyteller for these files if you need them.
all bloodlines with the exception of Bruja are restricted.
all theban sorcory and cruac powers are restricted and reqire an IC teacher.

Style of Play

Shadows of Dis Malkavschilde